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MLM and Direct Sale

Impuestos Multinivel – Accounting, Tax and Legal Support

The actual situation of multilevel direct selling

The actual situation of the Multi-Level Marketing and direct selling environment is getting on complex and complicated. It can be easily summarized in the following way.


We are in an unknown sector for a huge public, including also the Public Administrations.


Every time Tax obligations are getting bigger and the normative is changing with more frequency and scope.


Also interpreting the rules it`s complex. Is habitual find opposite sentences between them in the same fact. The Administrations need money!

They dedicate more resources materials and humans to increase the taxation income. Specific campaigns against fraud.


The Distributors are feeling alone, sometimes unprotected and lots of times misunderstood. You dedicate more efforts to administrative activities than to your own business.

Incremento de recursos en las administraciones públicas

Nuevos efectivos en la agencia tributaria para 20150%
Presupuesto total Agencia tributaria 20150%
Incremento presupuesto Agencia tributaria 20150%
Millones de € aflorados en 20140%
10.000M €

Fuente: El economista

What can we offer you?

How long haven´t you invest on your business to fill with your administrative activities and obligations?




administrative activities and obligations

“Impuestos Multinivel” makes available all the experience, knowledge from the Distributors and how to offer comprehensive advice to allow them free from administrative activities and obligations, so they can dedicate fully to their business: Reclute Sell Retain.

Our services

Tax advice

Jointly to the client, we elaborate the financial and tax forecast that allows us to optimize the taxation of the moment and building the base to the next level.

Accounting services

We work as an extension of the client, making easily take decisions based in objective, reliable and punctual information.

Labor advice

Social Security, Entrepreneur, hiring management and support workers, quotes, and any other labor obligation.

Legal advice

We support on divorces, Distribution licensing deals, inheritances or claims against the companies with the highest legal safeguards and expertise.

Administrative agency

Authorized Public administrative agency, takes care of all Distributor’s related civil paper work required in City hall, Local and Regional offices, Car Traffic bureau, Ministries, Public Register, etc

Data Protection Legislation

The ``LOPD`` affects to all entrepreneur and company who works with personal information, equally to soft or hard support. We are specialist to analyze, develop, implement and control according the current law the whole process and information avoiding important fines

Labour risks

We help the law fulfillment and the directed actions of the promotion from the improvement of the working conditions to increase the level of protection of health and security of the workers.

Canarias Island legislation

Our office based in Tenerife offers in a local way the same services that we have in the peninsula, working in a permanent contact, support and coordination as well as sharing resources and knowledge with our central office in Madrid.